Subject: Contact me please
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Date:    12/9/94 1:15 AM
I am a independent filmmaker and student about to complete a bachelors dgree
in film ( after a long sordid struggle, but that is a long tale) I am a
working PA , looking to break into coordinating and eventually am intrested
in producing( as in other peoples work) if I don't get into one of the big 5
for my grad degree, I am probably going to get a MBA or JD. I am looking for
all independent filmmakers, students , professionals to write me so we can
start a dialouge about issues. I hope for this to evolve into what is
tentaviley named Eye Sky Arts Partners, which will be quite a bit more than a
networking orgingzation. Intrigued? Good. I will be Signing off of Screen-L
in order to free my mail space for direct responses at:
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If you just write me and give me your address, I promise to get back to you.
James Anderson