>I am currently writing a thesis regarding the porcess of adaptation from
>novel into film and will also be adapting a short story to scrrenplay as
>well.  Can anyone recommend good resources for such a subject?  I would
>appreciate it.  Already have Novels into Film  and a few more but am open to
>suggestions.   Thank you.
Henry Bacon:  _Continuity and Transformation--the Influence of Literature
and Drama on Cinema as a Process of Cu;tural Continuity and Renewal
(Tampere:  Tammer-Paino Oy, 1994).
Giddings, Selby and Wensley:  _Screening the Novel_ (New York:  St. Martin's
Press, 1990).
R. Richardson:  _Literature and Film_ (Bloomington:  Indiana University
Press, 1969).
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