>My So-called Life sounds very like an Australian production called
>Heartbreak High based on a movie called The Heartbreak Kid.  It has
>been a disaster in the ratings as well.  It seems that viewers the
>same age as the characters prefer something like Beverley Hills (zip
>code escapes me) which was a huge hit here.
>G-Day from WA
>Maggie Exon
What bliss! To be unable to recall the dread zip code!
Can anyone compare _My So-Called Life_ with _DeGrassi Junior High_ (or
something close to that). It ran on my hometown PBS station (WXXI
Rochester, NY)for a long time but I believe it was produced in Canada. I've
never seen _My So-Called Life_ but over the years I watched a number of
episodes of DeGrassi and I thought it was pretty good but definitely geared
to a younger audience.
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