>We are in the process of designing a course to examine different
>interpretations of the Faust story.  We have identified a number of films
>and video treatments of the story based loosely on either the Goethe or
>Marlow versions but would like to find more.  Any suggestions as to
>specific works based upon Faust?
>We already have -
>Damnation of Faust             1903 Melies
>Faust, Eine Deutches Volkssage 1926 Murnau
>Faust                               Grundgens
>Doctor Faustus                 1967 Burton
>Faust                               National Theatre Weimar
>Damnation of Faust Trilogy     1983 Birnbaum
>Doctor Faustus                      BBC Director's Training Program
>Any more?  In ANY language.
BEDAZZLED 1967 Stanley Donen starring Peter Cook and Dudley Moore--a comic
version of the Faust story.
Are you also considering things like THE DEVIL AND DANIEL WEBSTER (from
story by Stephen Vincent Benet) by William Dieterle (1941) which have some
intermediate source between them and the archetypal Faust story?
--Richard J. Leskosky
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