> Am I the only human being who doesn't know what letterboxed means?  I
>assume I must have been exposed and just don't know what I saw? HELP
_This_ is letterboxing:
|XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX|  The basic idea is to make your square tele-
|XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX|  vision screen to appear as a wide screen as
|                             |  in the movie theatre, so that you do not miss
|                             |  "important" stuff that wuld otherwise be lost
|                             |  in the fringes.  For example, in _Indiana Jones
|                             |  and the Last Cusade_, in the theater we saw a
|                             |  dialogue between Indy and his dad which went
|XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX|  spanned the whole screen.  In the video ver-
|XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX|  sion, they re-edited and made it shot/reverse
 -----------------------------   shot.