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Date:    12/12/94 9:10 PM
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I'm not a filmmaker (except in my head as I reshoot scenes in bad movies--
THE SANTA CLAUSE being the most recent case), but the discussion of film
schools, especially Cal Pryluck's recent post, reminded me of the
exhaustive syllabus prepared by Sergei Eisenstein for his ideal film
school.  It's much too long to cite here (the full text is in LESSONS WITH
EISENSTEIN by Vladimir Nizhny), but a few examples of his curriculum include
the following:
 Development of the necessary physical requirements
  (phy. ed., movement through boxing, gymnastics, etc.,
  voice training and diction,  surveying, rhythm via dance, etc.)
 Development of Directed Perecption
  Problems with reconstruction of reality
  Analysis and synthesis through verbal and visual reportage
  Practice in directed reconstruction of events
 The Creative Process
  Creative qualities, methods, and failures.  Examples of
  creative individuals--Lenin and Marx, Henry Ford and
  Thomas Edison, Falubert, Zola, Balzac, et al.
  Practice in creative system
 Work in the Group and On Production
 The director in prouction
 The director in Western countries and the USSR
  Cinematograph of the West
  Soviet Cinematography
--and so on.  It's a demanding course of study!
--Don Larsson, Mankato State U., MN