Author:  Meredith McMinn <[log in to unmask]>
Date:    12/13/94 4:10 AM
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Hey, y'all.
Just a suggestion:  when going off on a tengent from a thread, how about
changing the subject line to reflect what you're really talking about
now?  Probably a lot of us have to sort our "junk mail" by topic and
those of us using the "index" setting only have subject (and sender) by
which to identify postings we want to see.  It takes a lot of time to
order and comb through messages only to find they aren't at all what
they appear to be in the index.  E.g.: the thread "film lists" got off
into analysis of _The Wrath of Khan_, a perfectly legitimate discussion,
but having nothing to do with the subject heading.
Meredith McMinn