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Date:    12/12/94 11:30 AM
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Dave Spiceland notes:
"Another problem is the fact that some directors shoot wide screen
better than others. Some directors "put" things in the screen (2 people
talking, etc.) that can be completely missed if you see it cropped on
television. "
There are a handful of directors who *really* exploit the possibilities
of widescreen (Kurosawa, Leone, Preminger, Nick Ray, and several others).
With an eye to eventual tv/video showings, the trend in recent years has
been to *avoid* using the potentials of wide screen to their fullest.  A
good and typical example is TOOTSIE, which was originally shown in widescreen
but loses little or nothing in its more available cropped version.
--Don Larsson, Mankato State U., MN