Women's Caucus for Art National Conference
Feburary 20--22, 1996
Back Bay Hilton, Boston Massachusetts  USA
Open Call for Panel Session Proposals, Papers, Performances, Workshops, and
(snailmail Postmark Deadline : March 1, 1995)
The Boston Chapter of the Women's Caucus for Art invites all interested
parties to submit papers and proposals for panel sessions, performances and
workshops. Our focus will be ``Transforming Traditions''---the exploration
and creation of work in our studios, classrooms, museums, galleries,
on-line and off-line communities.
Suggested topics: (please feel free to innovate)
  + What is the role of Mentoring in womens art communities?
  + How are we ensuring that womens art will be seen, studied, and valued?
  + How have new technologies reached working artists, historians, curators
    and students?
  + What new ground must be broken to ensure full access for women, people of
    color, and people with differing abilities?
We strongly encourage diverse opinions and artistic backgrounds. Your
presentations can be in any medium---from traditional visual arts to
film, video, performance, computer/interactive, dance, poetry, music,
and theatre---all are welcome!
1. There are two ways to propose panels:
  + You can send us a packaged panel of collegues who will be your fellow
    speakers on your proposed topic (try to include at least one third
    people of color, per national guidelines below)
  + or you can submit a topic for a panel and we will try to match your
    idea with speakers.  Indicate whether or not you want to moderate the
2. What to send:
   + Working Artists: send one to two paragraphs describing your
     proposal.  Include a resume, 3--5 slides (for visual arts), or
     samples of your work in an appropriate medium (all others).
   + Art Historians and others: One-page proposal and a resume.
4. Enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope if you want materials
   returned.  Enclosed a self-addressed stamped postcard for receipt
1. Anyone may send a proposal/abstract.  However, WCA membership is
   required of all chairs and moderators.  Panelists are expected to be
   WCA members, although exceptions can be made.  Low income/student
   memberships are available.
2. To open the conference to more participants, we require that:
   + Panelists appear on only one panel per conference and only two years
     in a row.
   + A person not chair a panel two years in a row.
   We will try to help *some* needy panelists with expenses, but should
   we not be able to, panelists should be prepared to provide their own
   transportation, housing, and conference registration fees (only
   necessary if they want to attend the conference).
3.  Each panel should be at least one third people of color; please try
   to compose them with this in mind.  Otherwise, we will try to find
   suitable panelists for you.
POSTMARK/DELIVERY DEADLINE for proposal:  March 1, 1995   12 midnight
  Snail mail address:
  Kathryn Hargreaves
  135 Center Hill Road
  Plymouth MA 02360
  Email address: [log in to unmask]
Program committee:
  Alicia Faxon                  401 253 1194
  Randy Garber                  617 239 3492
  Amatul Hannan                 617 489 0197
  Kathryn Hargreaves            508 224 2367
  Hilde Hein                    617 969 6527
Women's Caucus for Art National Office (Philadelphia, PA)   215 854 0922  215
 854 0922