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>Diane McDaniel asks if there's a tv discussion list of this sort on the
>net.  It was my impression that Screen-l is a "film and tv studies
>discussion list."
To which Shari Rosenblum responded by saying:
 >I agree with Diane's underlying premise, however, that tv studies are
>absent from these discussions.  I've interpreted the absence as
>manifestation of an unspoken taboo.  I've hesitated to engage conversations
>on the topic, accordingly.  Have I been mistaken?
Despite the growing body of critical studies RE: TV and video, most
discussions of television still seem to be relegated to a 2nd class status.
Therfore, what occurs on this list is no surprise. In many ways the
discourse here is mostly a refracted image of the discussions taking place
in the pages of The New York Times, Vanity Fair and People Magazine.
Fortunately, there have a been instances where the discussion has moved
beyond existing models.
Maybe these two previous postings represent a beginning of sorts. I hope so.