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I've only seen the briefest snip of EBN but was immediately intrigued. I've
read a number of articles in music mags, one or two years ago, but I found
a short one in Wired issue 1.2. The members are Josh Pearson (the "front"
man I believe), Gardner Post, and Ron O'Donnell. They met at the Rhode
Island School of Design and have toured as a part of Lollapalooza and U2's
Zoo Tour (btw, Negativland's "U2" track is available by ftp). They're live
show is supposed to be pretty cool, they have this media podium which is
the center of the show. They have a vehicle which is in the same category
as the Ghostbusters wagon and the Timelords car. The video referred to in
the article is "Commercial Entertainment Product" from TVT Records
Thank you, you've reminded me to look for this at the cooler video stores.
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