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>> (3) And certainly the portrait of Pilipina women was not politically
>>     correct under any definition.
>Bravo!  I was hoping someone would bring this point up.  I was sitting
The point being. . .
>here, biting my tongue because of my recent unpopular stance on Quentin
>Tarantino's use of racist language.
Don't let unpopularity stay your tongue - or your fingers, for that matter.
>I, too, found that particular sequence to be tasteless -- and needlessly
>so, just like Tarantino & PF.  It marred an otherwise wonderful film.  It
I didn't find it tasteless - I thought her dance-ping-pong bit was a riot -
but I would have to agree that it wasn't neccessary . . .but then many
scenes in any given film aren't.
>is particularly hard to understand in this case because *Priscilla* was
>otherwise so understanding in its depiction of people who live outside the
>established "norms" of contemporary society.
I think she was less a comment on society and more comic relief - but that's
just my opinion.
J Roberson