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> I am interested in getting some response to the topic of using
> montage in film to acheive characterization.  Can it be used such as
> Eisenstien's typage, or is montage not semiotic enough to
> characterize?
Try Akira Kurosawa's  work, which, in teerm's of editing, follows many of
Eisensteins theories. As far as character and montage, Look at 'Ikiru',
'High and Low', and 'Sanshiro Sugarta' for starters. Also, Stephen Princes
pretty good, albeit slightly diffucult to find, work "The Warrior's
Camera: The Cinema of Akira Kurosawa" discusses his use of montage,
although not neccesarily in the area of character.
You should find something of value towards this end in Most of Kurosawa's
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