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>""In my research on silent cinema I found very little written on the
>subject of movement (objects within the frame, camera, movement created
>by editing etc.) in Western scholarship. Closely connected issues of
>tempo and rhythm also received little attention. My problem is mainly
>methodological: How does one account for movement, tempo and rhythm in
>the analysis of film style?""
>Try Bela Balazs' "Theory of The Film" and "The Close-up and The Face of Man",
>Mearleau-Ponty's "Cinema and The New Psychology", and some essays by Hugo
>Munsterberg's "Photoplay: a Psychologycal Study".
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There is a nice article on movement in Oct.1994 Sight & Sound by Richard
Dryer. It is focused on the film "Speed". As a nice counterpoint to the
Dryer article is one by Simon Louvish on Speed & the Silents, in the same issue.
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