The University Film and Video Association has put out a call for panels and
papers, and films/videotapes for its 1995 conference in Keene, New
I'd tell you the dates, but I can't find them *anywhere* in the UFVA
Deadline for abstracts/tapes is February 15, 1995.
Info on panel proposals:
Gerry Veeder
UFVA 1995 Conference Program Chair
University of North Texas
Department of Radio, Television, and Film
P.O. Box 13108
Denton, TX  76203
phone:  817.565.2537
fax:    817.565.2518
Info on screenings:
John Spalding
Robert Steele
Dept. of Communication
Wayne State University
Detroit, MI  48202
phone:  810.362.2464 (H)
        313.577.2943 (W)
Fax:    313.577.6300
You must be a member of UFVA to present a paper/film/videotape.  For info:
UFVA Membership Office
USC School of Cinema-Television
University Park
Los Angeles, CA  90089-2211
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  Telecommunication & Film Dept. * University of Alabama * Tuscaloosa