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I knew I'd gone there!  Blaine Allan's slideshow finally brought it
> a museum, a spectactle, and an expressive historical text itself.
 The pound/Rand exchange rate is over 5 to 1 so it was painfully
expensive.  I aimed to find "Forbidden Planet" (back issue comics
paradise) and MMI.  I found both, and my memory reminds me of the
enactment of the "Worker and Parasite" scene from _The
Simpsons_, as Blaine seems to testify: >
> My senti-
> mentally favourite exhibit:  the agit-train car, running Eisenstein's
> Strike, with the guide dressed in worn woolen clothing and plain, cloth
> cap.
My recommendation: good for anecdotes, unless you find those worthy
resources another poster discovered.
Gabeba Baderoon
Department of English
University of Cape Tonw
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