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>Maybe someone can help me out... I'm trying to find out the details of
>a film I saw in the mid 1980's in LA on a late-night premium cable
>channel, but which I cannot find any info on. The story takes place
>in a French castle that is being occupied by the German Army during
>WWII. A member of the Resistance from the village adjacent to the
>castle executes a methodical plan of sabotaging the castle's infra-
>structure in order to render the German presence untenable.
>I somehow got it stuck in my head that the title was THE CASTLE
>and that the cast included Max. Schell -- but it is clearly NOT the
>film version of Kafka's novel "K", titled THE CASTLE (1968) and
>starring Schell. So I must have confused myself somewhere along
>the line while trying to recall the film... but I could have sworn it
>had this title, and had this actor in it...
>I'm starting to wonder a little bit whether I conjured the whole thing
>in my imagination (if I did, then my mind certainly fired life to a
>gripping image stream, one possessing methodical, mounting,
>relentless narrative force and suspense, plus a wonderfully cogent
>structure...) Can anybody shed any light on the subject?
>Gary Weston Fuchs
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Could this be CASTLE KEEP (1969) dir. by Sydney Pollack? With Burt
Lancaster, Peter Falk, Jean-Pierre Aumont, etc. from a novel by William
Surreal ,bizarre, different, not altogether successful yet somewhat like
No Maximilian Schell in it.