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>Simply because of the huge volume of material, I'm sure there's more
>right than wrong in The Motion Picture Guide.  I'd be interested in
>knowing whether the material published in the book edition and its
>yearbook-updates has been revised for CD-ROM, or if it's all simply
>been digitized and reconfigured for electronic reading.
>Perhaps James might take it on himself to look up Greenberg's review,
>use it as a basis for a little test, and offer a little more critical
>review as part of the Consumer Reports corner of SCREEN-L.
>Blaine Allan                           [log in to unmask]
Yes, I will try to find the FQ article and am willing to do a thorough
test of the disc. I have found some mistakes, and the critisim is not
fourth year film dissection. But (sadly) compared to what is available,
it's the best around.
But I will look into and use it some more :-)