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On broadening topics/marginalized films:
It's a problem of resources, and also scheduling.  As an undergraduate I saw
films every week, including "BRIGHTNESS", which I would LOVE to hear about
on this list... but since hitting grad school the theater is a luxury I can't
afford.  Still: there is the distant memory of "BRIGHTNESS" (my first African
film): I know so little about its context that I can only hope for some
enlightnenment from the list...
The thing I remember most about "BRIGHTNESS" was the fascinating speech
patterns: the characters not only tended to speak very deliberately compared
to what I'm used to in films, but there was a constant stream of supportive
nods and exclamations from the listener-- in this culture, they seemed to
take communication VERY seriously.  For what it's worth, I've made my puny
attempt to recognize a marginalized voice...
Andy Miller
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