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I'd like to compare front projection systems with others.  We have
thirty foot ceilings and presumably cannot use those three color
monitors.  We have a forty-four foot throw and show disks and tapes.
The best system I've seen is the Eike LC-300 (which is the same as the
Sanyo for the same price--about $3500 to $3800. I'm told that systems
with line doublers have fewer annoying horizontal lines but a shark-skin
effect that is just as annoying. Also told that more expensive models
are not superior for disk projection.  Does anyone know a system for
less than $10000 I should check out (and who has it in New York)? We
considered largescreen tvs but they seem to not work when viewed from a
high angle (as is necessary in our steep classrooms).  Any suggestions?
Liz Weis