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Dear Screen-L colleagues,
Some time back, I mentioned the fact that I wanted to create a discussion
list  so that my film students could get some feedback, exchange, and
stimulus by being in contact with ohter students studying film as an
academic and/or artistic discipline. I have finally achieved this through
much haggling and hassling of the computer support people here at the
university and the Swedish academic network. They have helpfully created
accounts for my 37 students, both introductory and advanced students, as
well as a discussion group. I would be pleased if you would pass on the
information to your students and encourage them to get involved in some
international discussions on film. The list is called ROSEBUD, as suggested
by my introductory film class.
Thanks to Jeremy Butler for questions answered while getting started on
inquiring about how to do this, and for the inspiration I got by reading
his guidelines for using the list. I have used them as a jump-off point.
Upon subscription, you will be sent more information about the list.
ROSEBUD         a discussion list for film students
List Owner- Bert Deivert   ([log in to unmask])
If you wish to subscribe, send the message
to the [log in to unmask]
Thanks for the help.
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