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>Tarantino--please! What about Darnell Martin, Ousmane Sembene,Maria
>Novaro,Takehiko Nakajima,Sally Potter, Idrisa Ouedraogo,Zhang Yimou,
>John Collins, Jean-Isidore Isou,Ulrike Ottinger,Sarah Madoror, Yilmaz
>Guney, Mahama Traore,Ann Hui and many, many others whom we might
>discuss? Also it seems as if women and Third World
>filmmakers/videomakers are being marginalized in the ongoing
>discussion.Thoughts, comments?
People discuss what they know. I would guess that most listmembers are
unfamiliar with many of the above artists. If you would care to enlighten
us, feel free to post a message pointing us in the direction - and see
what happens.
J Roberson