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>In a recent discussion on the merrits of _Pulp Fiction_ a friend refused to
>recognize any experience of guilt at enjoying and even reveling in the violent
Your friend is weird. Get a new one. ;)
I for one *did* feel some guilt reveling/laughing at the violence (especially
Marvin's surreptitious speed-bump splash) - and was initially affected
by the various slurs - though by then end of the movie both seemed normal.
What's *really* scary is that after the film I smoked and drank - and normally
I smoke only under duress and drink on rare occasions. . .and furthermore
my speech was peppered with various curse words - though not racial epithets.
>or am I the odd duck in the mix?  Is guilt commonly experienced by others
>through anti-hero identification?  I've always contended that for one reason
>or another that was the point of such flicks-- to jar you emotionally.
I don't know about the point being to jar people, but I think that your
guilt reaction is rather typical.
J Roberson