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On Tue, 8 Nov 1994 12:18:53 CST Joanne Bernardi said:
>> > a screenplay as a literary source in a non film/theatre studies classroom,
>> > and I've yet to find an affirmative.
>> There is a long tradition of publishing screenplays (even before the
>> films were made if ever) in the Soviet Union. There was (is?) a special
>> Russian journal devoted to it.
>Japan also has a long tradition of publishing screenplays in various venues
>--there is also a journal devoted to it, and scripts are included in the
>"collected works" of writer/directors like Kurosawa and Ozu.  Also, there
If your concern is primarily literatur, don't forget Antonionis "concetti",
if you speak italian, Quel bowling sul Tevere, Einaudi Ed., Turin 1983.
Stories of possible movies. And don't forget Godards interview with Newsweek.
Some years ago. About cutting europe, he liked it!                  Heiko