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"P.S. Who is Jean-Isidore Isou?"
asks Susan Denker.
Well he was a mamber of the Lettrist International. His film work was very
influential on the young Giles DeBord a Situationist and cineast who would
make six or seven very important films that he has since withdrawn from
circulation. Read The Society of The Spectacle by GD, and Lipstick Traces by
G. Marcusand you should get a vauge sense of what they're about.
But if y'all wanna discuss marginal films why not Name Jun Piak or Sandy
Benning,  or Extreem Private Eros, or Yalah? What is this a contest to see
who knows the most about "the other" - ie a reduction of the other to triva?
"Apology made to whoever pleases
Still they got me like Jesus"