On Wed, 2 Nov 1994, J Roberson wrote:
> I mean, this ignores questions of definition - I'm 21, ostensibly a member
> of Gen-X, and the films I've gone to see in the past three months are
> NBK, Pulp Fiction, Ed Wood and Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. When Reality
> Bites came, I was more interested in the writer and how she got her
> script produced ;)
I think that Mr. Roberson shoots himself in the foot a bit with this
statement, as both NBK and Pulp Fiction are prime examples of films that,
although they are not necessarily *about* Gen-Xers, and definitely
aimed at the Gen-X market.
On the subject of Ed Wood, which I thoroughly enjoyed, I have to say that
watching Martin Landau's enthusiastic portrayal of Bela Lugosi was about
the most fun I've had in a movie theater this year.  Right on-target and
absolutely unforgettable.
Christopher White