Ok, I'm sorry for anyone who was offended, but do not make assumptions about
me and any of my beliefs.  I am not some radical right wing hatemonger.  i have
participated in discussions in the past on this list, and was mearly doing so
here.  > > From: Tony Williams > English > SIUC
>  I'd like to support Don in his sarcastic (just in case the message did not
> get through) response to that extremely offensive reply to the call for
> materialist feminism. Ironically, it appeared soon after Jeremy's recent
> posting of the principles of SCREEN-L. Unless we wish to turn into a
> network encouraging hate mail, neanderthal garbage, and the type of
> virulent right-wing hatred that has led to many cancellations on other
> e-mail listings, I feel a quick and speedy condemnation of this type of
> message is urgently required. An apology is required. Unless there is one,
> SCREEN-L should consider cancelling subscribtions rather than waiting for
> retarded imbeciles to get tired of contributing the the sadly developing
> hate climate in this country on this network, and unsubscribe. There are
> other networks where this type of garbage would be welcome.