I would suggest also looking at the films that
the current "generation x" grew up on, i.e. john hughes films,
heathers, etc.  Does a progression emerge?
Also, I would avoid narrowing your conception of
"generation x" - oriented films to movies that
feature supposed members of the generation...
you are more likely to get a full profile
of the sensitivities and characteristics of
a generation by studying films that they enjoy rather than
films which puport to portray them.    I would suggest
focusing on films which seem to create somewhat of a generational
response, with "x-er's" liking them wholeheartedly
and other generations either disliking them or liking them
with reservations... for that, I would say PULP FICTION
and RESERVOIR DOGS for that matter are excellent examples.
What do "X-er's" appreciate and what are they willing to overlook?
Denis Hennelly