>First off, I read about the index feature which sounds nice, but I also
>noticed something about "paying by the message."  Well, frankly, I had no
>idea this was a service that cost money, and frankly, I don't have any.  So,
>please, unsubscribe me from this service and that will be that.
I assume Jeremy Butler would assure you of the following, but the listserv
itself does *not* cost any money. The only references of e-mail costing
money are usually to those who get it commercially through networks like
Compuserve, which typically give you a certain quota of free or low-cost
mail but charge you extra if ou get lots of it. Basically, if you're
getting Screen-L through an educational institution (as the original poster
was) , you probably aren't paying any fee for it. . .other than some
nominal "student use fee".
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