Don't know if this quite fits, but in Ridley Scott's _Alien_ and James
Cameron's _Aliens_ the crew's cat "Jonesy" is central to the suspense and
fear of several scenes. And the way Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) values and
protects the cat, it could be read as a sort of child-figure (especially
in light of the maternity themes that are central in _Aliens_).
John Hoppe
English/grad student
U. Iowa
On Thu, 6 Oct 1994, Tony Williams wrote:
> From: Tony Williams
> English
>  Help needed with the following examples either from films by the same
> director or any director.
> 1. Films where a cat is accidentally killed or murdered.
> 2. A cat is substituted for a kidnapped baby in its cradle.
> 3. Doll substituted for kidnapped child.
> 4. Poison milk.
>  Any help appreciated. Thanks, Tony Williams.