Lately the software that runs SCREEN-L (LISTSERV) has been acting
Yesterday (and today?) it sent out several digests instead of one and
I've noticed that LISTSERV has also been disconnected for hours at a
time (messags aren't lost--I hope--but they are delayed).
The staff at Seebeck Computer Center, the gentle host of SCREEN-L, has
been alerted and are working on it.
Actually (knock on wood), SCREEN-L has had remarkably few technical
glitches in its 3.5 years of operation--thanks to the folks at Seebeck
(University of Alabama).
Hey, let's get together and do "the wave" in appreciation!  Okay, you folks
in the UK start it now...alright...and now Australia...okay...okay...and
let's see you folks in California...North Dakota...Ontario...and back 'round
to the UK!
Cool.  We're on a roll now.
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