Isn't the briefcase glow just alittle hommage to Kiss Me Deadly and the
great whatsit?
On Sat, 29 Oct 1994, Susan Crutchfield wrote:
> Okay, my PF question is: what's in the briefcase?  (Sorry if this has already
> been asked and debated.)
>   Any thoughts on its GLOW?  Any thoughts on Honey Bunny--or Pumpkin's--i.e.,
> Tom Roth's character's weak-kneed reaction to seeing what's inside?  Any
> thoughts on its ROLE in the film?
>    I've only seen PF once, but I'm pretty sure we never are told or shown
> what's inside. Seems to me that gold or drugs or some such usual gangster
> item wouldn't have illicited the slow, stunned, "It's beautiful. . ."
> response from Roth.  It reminds me of the way the "beautiful" paintings are
> represented in *I Have Heard the Mermaids Singing*--framed panels of
> glowing light.
>   Any thoughts?
> Susan Crutchfield
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