Okay, my PF question is: what's in the briefcase?  (Sorry if this has already
been asked and debated.)
  Any thoughts on its GLOW?  Any thoughts on Honey Bunny--or Pumpkin's--i.e.,
Tom Roth's character's weak-kneed reaction to seeing what's inside?  Any
thoughts on its ROLE in the film?
   I've only seen PF once, but I'm pretty sure we never are told or shown
what's inside. Seems to me that gold or drugs or some such usual gangster
item wouldn't have illicited the slow, stunned, "It's beautiful. . ."
response from Roth.  It reminds me of the way the "beautiful" paintings are
represented in *I Have Heard the Mermaids Singing*--framed panels of
glowing light.
  Any thoughts?
Susan Crutchfield
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