On Wed, 26 Oct 1994, James Tichenor wrote:
> Jennifer,
> >
> >Has anyone seen " Hoop Dreams " ? Or any other film which used video as
> >an aquisition medium?
> >
> I've seen it (a WONDERFUL movie, far more exciting than anything I've seen
> in recent months) and you can tell that it was shot on Beta. But who cares?
> The material was so riviting, I wouln't have care if it was shot as a Super 8.
> I think _NATURAL BORN KILLERS_ used video as one of it's too many mediums.
> >I am fascinated by the prospect of being able to access non linear
> >editing equipment and still be able to produce decent looking films.  If
> >the process can be done on anything approaching a decent budget (like
> >around $10-$20,000 for a finished print with negative) then I am even
> >MORE interested.
> As far as I know, you can still shoot on 35mm and use nonlinear editing - in
> fact most films are made this way (first one that comes to mind was
> _NEEDFUL THINGS_ where they used the AVID system and a wonderful 45"
> computer monitor that had to be calibrated to the curvature of the Earth :-)
> James
AVID system??  Do you have any more info on what that is?  Or where I can
find out more about it??  Thanks...:)