>>In a perfect world race issues would be as J. Roberson wishes they were.
>And only by trying to make this world perfect can one race issues
>like that.
Three cheers for denial!!!
By denying problem's significance, you really think we can change them?
>Depends on the environment. In a predominantly black areas, being
>white can be just as much a negative feature as being black in other
I don't buy this.  Even if you can come up with an example, think about the
reasons behind the two types of hostility & tell me if you can still equate
>And in some environments it really doesn't matter. I won't say that it doesn't
>matter anywhere (though it shouldn't) but there are places where one can
>be an individual, not part of some herd of cattle.
Maybe, but where in the good old US of A?
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"Academic training was instrumental.  You have to understand the language
of society before you can start stretching and subverting it and ripping
and tearing it and burning it and watching the plastic drip on the ants."