Ian asks:
"alright y'all, lets have some discussion on *all* these French New Wave
references in PF.  I've seen my share of FNW, and  I don't really think
they're very prevalent.  Someone *please* point them out to me. "
I'm not sure the film is rife with them, but they are there.  Jeremy had
a fine post last week about the Godard references, from the resemblance
of Mia/Uma to Anna Karina in VIVRE SA VIE and BANDE A PART (even the
name of QT's production company) to others.  The use of Hitchcockian/
Wellesian in-jokes in the settings, and the overt references to other directors
all might qualify.
But here's where things turn even *more* post-modern.  It is one thing for
Godard or Truffaut to quoting or offering homages to one American director
or another.  It is something else when Vincent/Travolta and Uma/Mia order
celebrity-named meals from waiters dressed as celebrities (film-related,
that is).  What is being "honored" in the homage?  What is a commentary on
our current obsession with pop. culture?  Amsued as I was by Jackrabbit
Slim's, I wonder if it's much different from Planet Hollywood (I still
haven't been to the one at the Mall of America).
--Don Larsson, Mankato State U., MN