On Wed, 26 Oct 1994, Jennifer Warren wrote:
> Sorry to get somewhat off topic here, but I just heard about a film
> called " Hoop Dreams ".  Apparantly, this 35mm film was shot entirely
> with a Beta (video) camera.  I've heard that the quality of the dub was
> so good that the audience coudn't tell that it wasn't shot using a film
> camera at all.  Word is that the same company that performed the dub has
> done a few other films, some of which were shot with even the lowly SVHS
> format.
> Has anyone seen " Hoop Dreams " ? Or any other film which used video as
> an aquisition medium?
If you can find a copy of it, check out the latest edition of "The
Independent", the magazine of the Association of Independent Video and
Filmmakers about the making of this film/video hybrid.
I got the impression from the article that the filmmakers got ALOT of
backing behind the project from commercial sponsors.
Randy A. Riddle
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