Independent Film Channel open call for "Short Shorts"
    A short shorts is 15 to 60 seconds of creative expression through
    the use of movung image, animation, or graphic imagery, combined
    with music or the spoken word.
    1) Must be submited on either VHS or 3/4" cassette. THe cassettes
    must be labeled with school name, maker's name, title and running
    2) Must be between 15-60 seconds in lenth.
    3) Unless the maker obtains copyright and other clearances and
    releses, do not submit piece with any music, photos, film or video
    that are not original.
    4) All shorts will be subject to insertion of the IFC logo by IFC
    5) All tapes will not be returned.
    6) $ 500 will be awarded if screened.
    7) Winners will be notified in writing.
    Please send cassettes by January 31, 1995 to:
    Tndependent Film Channel
    150 Crossways Park West
    Woodbury, NY 11797                   Tel:516/364-2222
    Attn.: IFC Call for Short Shorts