On Thu, 27 Oct 1994, Donald Larsson wrote:
> Why not say instead that Tarantino is just yanking our chains (violence!
> interracial sex! drugs!  homosexual sadists!)?  He knows that these are
> controversial subjects and he's willing to exploit those controveries for
> their own sake.  Whether his goal is to open public discussion (which I
> rather doubt) or manipulate audience emotion (which I rather suspect),
> he's doing an effective job, to judge from the discussions here.
> --Don Larsson, Mankato State U., MN
I agree full-on with Don.  Tarantino has relied on devices that are
guaranteed to have an affect.  The point is *anyone* can use these and
end up with the shock value he has obviously obtained.  If you notice,
this is exactly where all these conversations have been centered, and
once removed there isn't much left, *this* is what makes the film cheap,
not less entertaining (Hard Target was entertaining in much the same
way) just cheap.