From: Tony Williams
 I think you are right about the dangers of categorization and cross-over.
To regard Hawks, Hitchcock and Ford as "movie-makers" as opposed to "film-
makers" raises so many questions as to fill our respective cylinders even
more than the prolific PULP FICTION debate. Despite Spielberg's good
intentions in SCHINDLER'S LIST, he cinematically uses and abuses the
Holocaust - an adolescent playing with matches as dangerous as Graham
Greene's Alden Pyle in THE QUIET AMERICAN in terms of the representations
he chooses in several scenes such as the suspense gimmick with the showers
and the appalling voyeuristic shots of unclad female bodies. As Rod Steiger
once said concerning THE PAWNBROKER, you can't starve your actors to represent
actual concentration camp victims but this can not excuse Speilberg from using
attractive well-fed female bodies for a gratuitous kino-eye scene.