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> Hmmm, let's take the PC road less traveled. social crisis? how about the
> split into two societies, the technocrats with money and the "masses"
> without. two societies for america -- the 'latin american model' {old haitian
> model?/ the underclasses get bigger and the overclass gets smaller and more
> powerful} -- is predicted by many [currently controversially, mind you, by
> charles murray in new book "the bell curve" -- easy access current newsweek,
> 'scare' access last week's nytimes magazine cover story]... conservatives
> might say its inevitable, how are we going to handle; liberals might say hey
> this is happening how are we going to stop it or mitigate the worst effects
> pollution, immigrant breakdown too easy
> future of labor in relationship to manufacturing might be interesting
> just thoughts
Thanks for the great ideas.  They'll be very, very helpful
Jennifer S. Guberman
Brown University
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