Sorry to get somewhat off topic here, but I just heard about a film
called " Hoop Dreams ".  Apparantly, this 35mm film was shot entirely
with a Beta (video) camera.  I've heard that the quality of the dub was
so good that the audience coudn't tell that it wasn't shot using a film
camera at all.  Word is that the same company that performed the dub has
done a few other films, some of which were shot with even the lowly SVHS
Has anyone seen " Hoop Dreams " ? Or any other film which used video as
an aquisition medium?
I am fascinated by the prospect of being able to access non linear
editing equipment and still be able to produce decent looking films.  If
the process can be done on anything approaching a decent budget (like
around $10-$20,000 for a finished print with negative) then I am even
MORE interested.
Do you, or anyone else, have any info re: this process??