On Sat, 22 Oct 1994, Timothy Garrand wrote:
>  Any suggestions for particular films or movements, particularly in
>  Africa(my weak point) and textbooks suitable for first year students?
I strongly second the recommendation of Ousmane Sembene's CAMP DE
THIAROYE. I would also recommend Euzhan Palcy's A DRY WHITE SEASON.
Although it doesn't fit your bill for revolutionary film movements, since
it was financed by Hollywood, it was shot in Africa and it is one of the
best films on apartheid in South Africa.
The director is a black woman from Martinique. There is a
very good essay on the Palcy film by bell hooks in the anthology BLACK
LOOKS which I found helpful in stimulating class discussion on this
film.  There is also a useful book on Caribbean Cinema: Mbye Cham, ed.
EX-ILES, ESSAYS ON CARIBBEAN CINEMA. Trenton, N.J., Africa World Press,
Good luck.
Susan Denker
Boston Museum School
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