thanks for the quote Blaine.
>Don Murphy, a producer of Natural Born Killers:  "I would openly celebrate
>Quentin's death.  I never had a falling out per se, but his actions
>since becoming Quentin Tarantino have been diabolical."
This had me ROTFL, 'cause if there were no QT, Don Murphy would not be
being quoted by anybody. NBK gave him a life. He should kiss the
Q'boy-wonder's ass for optioning the script (albeit through a third
party) to him and his never-been-heard-of-before-this-partner, Jane Hamsher.
Did you see QT's quote about Oliver Stone in Premiere?
"But [Stone's] biggest problem is that his obviousness cancels out his
energy and his energy pumps up his obviousness. He's Stanley Kramer
with style."
Donna Cunningham
University of southern California
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