> I am developing a first year student, general education, human rights
> course around Revolutionary Cinema. I plan to look at various reform
> oriented film movements, such as Russian Revolutionary Cinema, Italian
> Neo-Realism
        Rossellini's War Trilogy: *Open City* (1945), *Paisan* (1946),
*Germany Year Zero* (1947).  De Sica's postwar reconstruction:
*Shoeshine* (1946), *Bicycle Thief* (1948), *Umberto D* (1951).
        I would also add Visconti's *Ossessione* (1942) and De Santis'
*Riso Amaro* (1948).
        Readings: Millicent Marcus' *Italian Film in the Light of
Neorealism* (1986).
        Don't forget May 68.  Godard's films of the period: from *La
Chinoise* (1969) to *Tout Va Bien* (1972).  Readings: James Roy
McBean's *Film and Revolution* and Sylvia Harvey's book about May '68 whose
title I do not remember at the moment.
        Gloria Monti