On Sat, 22 Oct 1994, liz wrote:
> I've been enjoying reading your messages for the past week.  Am
> new to e-mail.  I was about to post my first comment when I got
> the following message.  Since you are my only bulletin board I
> don't know where else to turn for help, especially on a Saturday
> night.  Could someone help explain the following message which I
> presume is from CMS.  I use procomm and work via a university vm.
>    "DMSERD1075 Disk A (191) is full.  An error occurred saving
>     the notebook on disk.  SAVE failed--disk is full.  MAIL files
>     which were read remain on reader.  If you cannot eliminate
>     problem enter QQUIT and you can exit while losing the changes."
> What do I do?  Typing qquit does nothing.  Liz Weis, Professor of
> Film and Neophyte of Cybernetics.  Thanks.
I dont know what all that means, but it seems as though if this help
request got through you should do whatever you did to post this message,
otherwise maybee your "server?" disk is full somehow. Hope this helps .
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