I've been enjoying reading your messages for the past week.  Am
new to e-mail.  I was about to post my first comment when I got
the following message.  Since you are my only bulletin board I
don't know where else to turn for help, especially on a Saturday
night.  Could someone help explain the following message which I
presume is from CMS.  I use procomm and work via a university vm.
   "DMSERD1075 Disk A (191) is full.  An error occurred saving
    the notebook on disk.  SAVE failed--disk is full.  MAIL files
    which were read remain on reader.  If you cannot eliminate
    problem enter QQUIT and you can exit while losing the changes."
What do I do?  Typing qquit does nothing.  Liz Weis, Professor of
Film and Neophyte of Cybernetics.  Thanks.