THE MEDIA WORKSHOPS--The programs for college students based at
    The time:    July 24-29, July 31-Aug. 5, Aug. 7-12, Aug.14-19,
                 / 1995
    The location:  Los Angeles.
    ---Go behind-the screen of Hollywood's most famous motion picture
    studios, its leading network tv production centers and its most
    distinguished newspaper facilities.
    ---Daily meetings with Hollywood's leading directors, actors,
    writers, producers, studios, network & record executives, and
    ---View production of top-rated network TV shows such as: Family
    matters, Coach, Herman's head, Empty Nest, etc..
    For more information and brochures:
    The Media Workshops Foundation
    3808 W. Riverside Drive, Suite 600
    Burbank, CA 91505-4360
    ---The MWF is an eleven year old, non-profit educational