I've gotten a couple of requests for this, so here to the list is a
sketch of my Cyberpunk Film syllabus:
        A Clockwork Orange
        The Terminal Man (or Westworld)
        The Road Warrior
        Blade Runner (1992 director's cut)
        The Terminator
        The Lawnmower Man
        Tetsuo:  The Iron Man
We do all of our reading from "Storming The Reality Studio" (ed. Larry
McCaffrey, Duke U. Press), an anthology of fiction, philosophy (many
post-structuralist superstars in smidgen-sized samples), criticism and
even poetry.  I supplement that text with some materials more relevant to
one of my topics in the course, namely the Hollywood-ization of
subversive ideas (e.g., "The terminal Man" as a easy-to-swallow
"Clockwork Orange," the marketing of "Tron," the launching of the
Schwarzeneggerian nightmare (:-)) with "The Terminator").  This is the
second time I've taught the course, and we're liking it just as well this
go-round as we did the first.
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