On Fri, 21 Oct 1994, Rick Douglas wrote:
> In the end, the advantage which United/Paramount enjoys over WB, and also the
> advantage which ABC had over DuMont, is greater broadcasting ties.  ABC,
> unlike DuMont, had a radio network, not to mention five owned-and-operated
> radio stations, and ABC was able to use its radio ties as a selling point to
> prospective affiliates rather effectively.  Fast forward to 1994, and we see
> that the partners in the United/Paramount Network -- Paramount, its new
> parent Viacom, and Chris-Craft -- together own 19 television stations and 12
> radio stations, whereas Time Warner has no broadcast interests whatsoever.
Depends what you mean by broadcast.  Time-Warner certainly has a
Also, the dynamics of the marketplace are vastly different in many
respects.  Cable, Pay cable (HBO, Showtime, etc ...), niche programming
(MTV, ESPN 1 & 2, etc.)  So they playing field is much more diverse than
in ABC-DuMont days.
Comments ????
Stu L.
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